Every business, no matter it's size, needs an online identity.  A domain allows you to create this corporate online identity by creating an internet name for your business such as

Once you have a domain registered you are able to build your online presence via a website as well as being able to use personalised email addresses such as

Once your email is setup we can secure your email from viruses, ransomware etc. as well as offering archiving for up to 7 years.

We are able to offer corporate email services using Microsoft Hosted Exchange and Office 365.

Say goodbye to unnecessary time, money and effort spent on keeping your PBX up and running. Instead, say hello to speedy deployment, easy-management and cutting edge communication technology at a fraction of the cost, by moving your PBX to the cloud. Hitec Sure’s Hosted PBX is a highly scalable business communications service that does everything your traditional on-site PBX does, plus more.

It is ideal for small and medium businesses – or even the branch offices of larger companies – that want to be smart about benefiting from advanced communications services, saving money, and keeping focussed on what they are best at.

Be ready for unified communications and fixed-mobile convergence services, shift your spend from capex to opex and reduce risk by hosting your PBX in world-class data centres.

Wireless and fibre internet access

Using innovative wireless technologies we are able to deliver fibre-like services to your business by delivering high bandwidth, low-latency access to the internet.  These services can be deployed much faster than traditional fibre-optic infrastructure and is more resilient to damage caused by civil construction and cable-theft.

Where available, fibre can also be deployed by Hitec Sure. Bandwidth intensive processes such as HD video streaming, online conferencing, and cloud computing work best with high speed wireless and fibre internet access solutions.

We’ll advise you as to the best connectivity solution for your business: wireless, fibre, LTE, satellite, or a combination. Trust us to find the most cost effective way to meet your online needs.

Hosted PABX

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The easiest and safest way to facilitate communication between branches and remote users is through a virtual private network – a VPN. You’ll have the convenience of connecting directly through the internet, and at the same time the security and management functionality of a private network.

With our Cyberguard suite of services at play, companies are assured of an effective first line of defense against a range of internet-based threats. We enable capabilities for allowing users secure remote access to business applications and resources such as emails and files when they’re not connected to the company network.

Cyberguard services are delivered as managed services. This includes access to a team of experts who monitor and maintain the services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Virtual Private Networks AND SECURITY

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